About Gypsy Horses

Babydoll and coltWhat is a Gypsy Horse?    

The Gypsy Horse is a hearty little draft type horse which was developed and is still used by the Gypsies of England and Ireland.

They typically stand between 13 and 15.2 hands, and have an unusually quiet and gentle disposition.  Their exceptional stamina allows them to go all day at a steady trot while pulling a loaded living waggon with the whole Gypsy family.  They are sturdily built with solid bone and have a good deal of feathering and hair.

The Gypsy horse comes in all colors, with the most common being the “pinto” patterns, piebald and skewbald.

Although they have been bred for a particular type for generations, they are originally descended from several draft horse breeds, primarily the Shire and Clydesdale along with Dales, Fell,and other native British pony breeds. Kinsey

If you are looking for a horse that is known for soundness & sanity, that will be a faithful companion to your family, and is incredibly versatile, the traditional Gypsy Horse may just be the perfect horse for you.

Their compact size and sturdy build makes them incredibly strong animals, capable of carrying and pulling a great deal more weight than a light horse of similar height.  They have proved to excel at every discipline imaginable in the equine world, from competitive driving to dressage and western sports

The traditions of the Gypsies and the magical persona of these family oriented horses make them the perfect “horse for all seasons”.